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Jewelry Production

Quality Manufacturing Guaranteed

We can also cast different gold shades including yellow, white, rose and green gold in different karats. Only the finest alloys to ensure a long lasting porosity-free finish are used. We have the experience and know-how to extract the very best finished product from precious metals.

Gemstone & Diamond Setting

At our facility, we perform all gemstone and diamond setting processes under high-powered setting microscopes. Microscopic setting ensures that we achieve an impeccable, uniform finish.

Finishing Services

Your jewelry should be a lovely surprise at first glance. For bespoke production projects, our clients can select from a variety of finishes including mirror finish, satin, sandblasted, scratch, hammered or natural patterns.

Concept Ample operates a fully equipped internal jewelry manufacturing facility. Among our specialisations are Sterling Silver, Gold and Platinum jewelry, of which we offer at discerning standards. Allow us to direct the manufacturing for your next jewelry or luxury item project

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