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Model & Sample Services

Master Model Provider

We pride ourselves on maintaining a higher standard than our competitors. Our experts transform your design into a high-quality master model complete with a bill of material and a gold, silver, platinum or base metal sample. We can ship the model and sample to your office or put it directly into production at our in-house factory.


Your design is safe with us

We understand and appreciate concerns about your intellectual property. We have strict procedures in place to protect your designs and the integrity of your brand. We do not share information between customers and provide unique designs from our in-house designers.

Our experience in the jewelry industry includes a history of producing boutique, bespoke and designer jewelry for retail and wholesale jewelers.

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If you’d like a design made into a wax or functioning sample, you can ask for a quote from us. A response will be sent from our senior staff within one or two working days.

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